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Coventry Edwards-Pitt featured on Effective Family Office Podcast

Covie Edwards-Pitt, CFA, CFP®, was the featured guest speaker on the Effective Family Office Podcast episode titled, “Longevity is a Gift, Only if You Know How to Use It!”. Hosted by Angelo Robles, Covie shared stories and insights on aging from her book Aged Healthy, Wealthy & Wise.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

Coventry Edwards-Pitt, CFA, CFP®, is the Chief Wealth Advisory Officer at Ballentine Partners, a firm that specializes in providing investment and wealth management advice to wealthy families and entrepreneurs. She began her career at Goldman Sachs after graduating from Harvard University. Covie is also the author of Raised Healthy, Wealthy & Wise: Lessons from successful and grounded inheritors on how they got that way (2014).  Since its publication, Covie has spoken at over 70 events for wealth owning families and their advisors, sharing the book’s key messages about what works when raising children amid wealth. She lives in the Boston area with her husband and daughter. Learn more about Coventry Edwards-Pitt.

Learn more about the Effective Family Office Podcast.

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