Julie Pulda

Jules Pulda guest judging the Fletcher Social Investment Group’s Project Showcase


Julie Pulda, Impact Analyst, will be a featured judge at her alma mater Tufts University’s Fletcher Social Investment Group’s (FSIG) Project Showcase on April 17.

Deb Whitney, CFP®, CAP®, MS

Ballentine Partners Names Debra A. Whitney as Partner


Ballentine Partners is pleased to announce Debra A. Whitney as a new partner. The 19 existing partners are proud to include Ms. Whitney in their cohort, recognizing not only her excellence and leadership role in the firm and dedication to her clients, but also her deep involvement in finance and philanthropy across greater Boston.

Christopher C. Chandler, CFA, CAIA

Chris Chandler speaking at Opal Group’s Impact Investing Forum


Partner and Senior Investment Advisor Christopher C. Chandler, CFA, CAIA, will be speaking at Opal Group’s 4th annual Impact Investing Forum next Monday, April 1.

Julie Pulda

Jules Pulda speaking at careers in impact investing panel


Impact Analyst Julie Pulda is speaking at the Careers in Impact Investing panel discussion, hosted by Tufts University’s Fletcher Social Investment Group.

Sheila Lawrence, MALD, CFP®, CAP®

Sheila Lawrence featured in an AUM/Boston article on “The Philanthropy Talk”


AUM/Boston Magazine featured an article on “The Philanthropy Talk: How Do I Do It & Why Do I Have To?” in their February/March 2019 issue.

Ballentine Partners logo

Roy Ballentine & Drew McMorrow featured in Bob Veres’ Inside Information


Founder & Executive Chairman Roy Ballentine and CEO Drew McMorrow were featured in the February 2019 issue of Bob Veres’ Inside Information about their presentation at the 2018 Insider’s Forum conference.


Coventry Edwards-Pitt featured in new book “Wealth of Wisdom”


Author and Chief Wealth Advisory Officer Coventry Edwards-Pitt, CFA, CFP®, is a featured author in the book Wealth of Wisdom: the Top 50 Questions Wealthy Families Ask. The book is broken down into 9 topics, each with different chapters written by industry experts answering some of the toughest questions wealthy families often grapple with.  Her chapter, “How Can Your Family Encourage Financial Literacy in Every Member?” answers that seemingly simple question in a surprising way: it’s not just about knowing technical terms and how to save; it’s about their deeper values. You can hear more about Covie’s insights on the subject in Episode 12 of the Wealth of Wisdom Podcast.

Find out more about Wealth of Wisdom and order the book on their website and Amazon.

Coventry Edwards-Pitt, CFA, CFP®, is the Chief Wealth Advisory Officer at Ballentine Partners, a firm that specializes in providing investment and wealth management advice to wealthy families and entrepreneurs. She began her career at Goldman Sachs after graduating from Harvard University. Covie is also the author of Raised Healthy, Wealthy & Wise: Lessons from successful and grounded inheritors on how they got that way (2014).  Since its publication, Covie has spoken at over 70 events for wealth owning families and their advisors, sharing the book’s key messages about what works when raising children amid wealth. She lives in the Boston area with her husband and daughter. Learn more about Coventry Edwards-Pitt.

Learn more about the Healthy, Wealthy & Wise collection.

Emily P. Dunford, CFP®, CRPC®

Emily (Samuelson) Dunford a featured commentator at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships


Wealth Planning Associate and U.S. ice dance medalist Emily (Samuelson) Dunford, CFP®, CRPC®, was featured as a guest commentator at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships 2019 in Detroit, MI this past weekend.

Jake Northrup, CFP®, CFA

Jake Northrup named NexGen Director of the Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts


Investment Advisor Jake Northrup, CFP®, CFA, has just been announced as the next Director of the Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts’ NexGen group.

Jennifer Christian Murtie

Ballentine Partners Welcomes Jennifer Murtie


Ballentine Partners, a leading independent investment and wealth management firm headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, welcomed Jennifer Murtie as a Managing Director and Senior Investment Advisor.