Ballentine team volunteers to End 68 Hours of Hunger


A number of the Ballentine team in New Hampshire gave up time on their Friday to help raise money and food for the organization End 68 Hours of Hunger for the greater Wolfeboro area.

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Ballentine sponsoring “Wellness Wednesdays” and more at Castle in the Clouds


Ballentine Partners is sponsoring a number of events at Castle in the Clouds this summer in Moultonborough, NH.


Ballentine team volunteers at Lexington Community Farm


A group of Ballentine employees recently spent a few hours of their morning to visit local nonprofit Lexington Community Farm and help plant rows of tomato varieties and eggplants.

International Small Cap: Hiding in Plain Sight

International Small Cap: Hiding in Plain Sight


Executive Summary

Professional investors have long touted the benefits of investing globally in order to expand the opportunity set and diversify the portfolio beyond home country borders. Most investors have expressed this view by investing in large capitalization multinational companies based outside the United States. We believe that investors have largely overlooked a more attractive subset of international equities: small capitalization stocks. Their returns have significantly outpaced large cap international stocks over long time frames with only slightly more risk. They offer significantly higher growth potential than large cap companies, but at similar valuation levels. These companies tend to focus on their local markets, providing significant diversification benefits to a global equity portfolio dominated by global franchises. In addition, they are not widely followed, creating an opportunity for active managers to generate superior returns versus unmanaged indices.

The following presents the case for why small cap international stocks should have a place in every global investment portfolio. For the past 5 years, we have had a significant overweight to international small cap in our recommended international equities portfolio. This paper makes the case for why we will continue to do so.

Read the white paper here:

International Small Cap: Hiding in Plain Sight
Book cover showing a boy riding a bicycle with an adult's hand on his back, Family Wealth Report

Family Wealth Report features Covie Edwards-Pitt’s book “Raised Healthy, Wealthy & Wise”


Coventry Edwards-Pitt, Ballentine Partners’ Chief Wealth Advisory Officer was featured in Family Wealth Report’s exclusive interview “Passing On Wisdom, Raising Responsible Children With Wealth – New Book.” (Subscription required


The features “Raised Healthy, Wealthy &Wise”


Covie Edwards-Pitt, Ballentine Partners’ Chief Wealth Advisory Officer, speaks with The’s Gregg Greenberg in “Time Beats Money When Raising Kids ‘Healthy, Wealthy & Wise’.”

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Bloomberg discusses Covie Edwards-Pitt’s book, “Raised Healthy, Wealthy & Wise”


Coventry Edwards-Pitt, Ballentine Partners’ Chief Wealth Advisory Officer, and her book, “Raised Healthy, Wealthy & Wise: Lessons from successful and grounded inheritors on how they got that way” was featured in Bloomberg’s article, “The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Spoiled 23-Year-Old.”

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Financial Advisor lists Ballentine Partners in their RIA Survey & Ranking


Ballentine Partners was listed in Financial Advisor Magazine’s “2014 RIA Ranking” (based on figures from Financial Advisors’ 2014 RIA survey).

Leah M. Warren, CFP®, Financial Advisor, Financial Planning Industry

Speaking Engagement: Young & Professional: Are You Where You Should Be Financially?


Leah Warren presented “Young & Professional: Are You Where You Should Be Financially?”, part of EventBrite’s speaker series.