Inherited Wealth

In this case, the family is a member of the third generation in an inherited wealth situation. Most of the family’s wealth is now held by long-term trusts that were established by previous generations.

We have added value to this family with inherited wealth by:

  • Redesigning the investment strategies of various trusts to make the trusts far more tax-efficient. When we began working on this inherited wealth situation, the tax-efficiency of the investment portfolios was quite poor.
  • Helping the family design and implement a social impact investment program for a portion of their investment assets.
  • Developing and implementing a cash flow planning system to help the family manage its cash flow.
  • Assisting the head of the family with advice about his real estate business, business agreements, risk management, and dealing with his investors.
  • Working with members of the next generation to develop their financial skills.
  • Providing advice to members of the extended family about family meetings, and governance of the family’s business enterprises.
  • Providing advice about the management and governance of the family’s vacation compound.

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