These stories describe our work on a variety of different engagements. The summaries focus on our findings and activities in the first few years of each engagement.

A common theme in the stories is that many of our clients had very experienced attorneys, accountants, investment advisors before engaging us. Yet, we were still able to find many untapped opportunities.  Occasionally, we also found mistakes, and not because their specialty advisors had given poor advice, but because they were working in silos without the benefit of the whole picture or the visibility to analyze the interactions among the different planning areas (investments, tax, estate planning, family dynamics, etc.)

Prior to our becoming involved, the families lacked a comprehensive strategy for managing their wealth. The planning that was done was a series of individual decisions that lacked a cohesive strategy and direction. In many cases, the families’ prior investment advisors were subject to conflicts of interest that affected the quality of advice that the family received—for example, the investment portfolios were heavily invested in proprietary products that were not performing well but generating extra fees for the advisor.

Another recurring theme is our focus on the financial skills of the next generation.

None of the stories presented here should be construed by you as a guarantee that you will experience the results you desire to achieve by engaging us to provide advice or services.

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