Sale of a Privately-Owned Company

This client engaged us in anticipation that she would try to sell her privately-owned company within three years. She wanted to take advantage of financial planning opportunities before the sale, and prepare to live off portfolio income after the sale.

Prior to the sale of the privately-owned company we:

  • Helped her to identify and engage an investment banker who later found a buyer who paid more for the company than our client ever expected;
  • Worked with our client’s tax attorney and life insurance agent to completely overhaul the client’s estate plan and life insurance arrangements;
  • Helped her to transfer a sizeable chunk of the privately-owned company’s value to a trust for the benefit of family members without incurring any gift tax;
  • Worked with the investment banker to structure the sale so as to maximize our client’s after-tax wealth, and to maximize the portion of the sales price that would be paid in cash;
  • Restructured our client’s investment portfolio by terminating managers who were not producing any value in excess of their fees, and improving the risk management process within the portfolio; and
  • Helped our client to prepare for the transition from living on earned income to living on portfolio income.

Since the sale, we have:

  • Overseen the management of our client’s total investment assets, including assets being managed by various investment firms;
  • Helped our client to smoothly transition to living on portfolio income;
  • Helped our client to evaluate a wide range of direct investment opportunities; and
  • Worked with an attorney who specializes in negotiating executive employment agreements to negotiate a new employment agreement for our client.

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