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Seizing Opportunities – Expanding options through tax optimization.


A number of our clients are serial entrepreneurs or deeply involved in venture capital. Both of these career paths come with numerous demands as well as many opportunities and risks associated with tax planning. Without expertise and experience in tackling these complex tax issues, how can you be sure you are making the right choices for your business and your finances?

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Planning the Next Move – Understanding the options before sealing the deal.


Our client was the founder and CEO of a biotechnology company. He learned that the Board intended to take the company public in six months, and the company’s complex structure meant that compensation talks would be equally complicated. Going in alone or uneducated could mean not only getting a bad deal for himself, but also not understanding how it would impact the company he created.


Passing the Baton – Encouraging family entrepreneurship


Our client, the owner of a highly-successful business, wanted to pass the business on to his adult children. All of the children were involved in the business in various capacities. He hoped the business would continue to be family-owned and family-managed. He believed that was the best way to preserve the company’s unique values and corporate culture.