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Aligning Values – Transitioning your portfolio to match your beliefs.


Our client had spent many years invested in a traditional portfolio with a large allocation to broad market stocks.  As her adult son became more active in political and social causes, she too began to take an interest in these causes and found her values transformed.  She came to us one day wanting to transform her portfolio to align better with these values.

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Giving Creatively – Donating challenging assets.


A client family owned a large parcel of land, a portion of which was covered by a conservation easement.  After more than a decade of ownership, the family was unsure of what to do with the land and was growing tired of the property management challenges.  The lack of a long-term plan left the property — and the family — in limbo.

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Staying on Track – Keeping your values in focus.


A new client family came to us with an existing plan to develop a vacant plot of land into a community center in their home town. The project had many moving parts and projections of the budget had ballooned to over $50 million. The family wanted to find a way to put its wealth to work in the community, but was struggling with the scale and complexities of the chosen path.  We wondered whether this path was fully aligned with their goals.


Leaving Your Mark – Creating a legacy for family and community.


Many successful families struggle to define and create their “legacy.” The senior generation of one client family wanted to provide sufficient wealth to create opportunities and flexibility for later generations, as well as a platform for significant philanthropic impact. They struggled, however, with how to achieve these goals simultaneously.