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Our clients’ financial resources allow them to solve a number of problems in their lives. As a result, the issues that rise to the fore are the more complex, human challenges, such as how do I make sure my wealth doesn’t spoil my child, or how do I make sure my estate plan won’t sow family discord when I’m gone? These books are about these very challenges and about how our clients and others have solved them.

We sought out positive stories – stories of what can go right – and find that these books act as a roadmap for our clients and others trying to navigate the challenges that wealth can exacerbate rather than solve.

We firmly believe the most meaningful impact we can have in our clients’ lives is helping them to get these questions right, and that is why we supported our Partner and Chief Wealth Advisory Officer, Covie Edwards-Pitt, in devoting the time to the research, interviews, and writing that produced these books. Read them today to begin your own journey of navigating the impact of your wealth.

Raised Healthy, Wealthy & Wise: Lessons from successful and grounded inheritors on how they got that way (2014)

At a certain level of wealth, money makes parenting harder, not easier.

Raised Healthy, Wealthy & Wise (2014) breaks new ground in the field of raising children amid wealth by hearing from the success stories: real-life children with wealth now grown into happy and productive adults. Wealth advisor Coventry Edwards-Pitt draws on her many years of professional experience to interview successful heirs and uncover what works–and what doesn’t–in raising wealthy children to lead fulfilling and productive lives. While there is a lot of advice out there for affluent parents, this is the first book that allows us to hear directly from children who survived the gauntlet of being raised with wealth and emerged happy, healthy, and productive on the other side. Why do they think they have become successful? What went right? And how? Readers will find that these voices speak with a clarity that will inspire parents faced with these challenges to take the steps necessary to set their children on a path toward health and happiness.


Listen to Covie talk about the lessons in the book on Mike Boyd’s The Business of Family podcast here.

Aged Healthy, Wealthy & Wise: Lessons from vibrant and inspiring elders on how they designed their later lives (2017)

There is much about aging that we can’t control. But there is much more than we can.

Wealth advisor Coventry Edwards-Pitt applies the success-story format of her highly acclaimed first book Raised Healthy, Wealthy & Wise (2014), to one of today’s most pressing issues: how to age well–given our increased longevity–and ensure that our later years have a positive rather than negative impact on our families. Drawing on her many years of experience, Covie interviews vibrant elders and brings to life the daily choices they are making that allow them to live content, engaged, and purposeful later lives and design legacies of meaning. The stories and research in Aged Healthy, Wealthy & Wise (2017) will inspire you to take the actions in your own life that will set you on a course not only to age well yourself but also to help ensure that your family experiences your later years not as a burden, but as a gift. How can you learn from these success stories? What went right? And how? Readers will find that these voices speak with a clarity that will inspire those faced with these challenges to take the steps necessary toward health and happiness.


About the Author

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Wealth advisor Coventry Edwards-Pitt is a Partner and Chief Wealth Advisory Officer at the firm. Covie was pre-med in college, and was drawn to the wealth management industry by her desire to help people — to help them navigate a complex, noisy, often conflicted financial
world and implement strategies that weren’t just financially sophisticated but also emotionally relevant.

Covie has spoken widely on the lessons in the books and has been a featured speaker at over 100 events for wealth-owning families and their advisors. She also consults to individuals about how to implement the books’ best practices in their own lives and within their own families.

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