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How to Prevent Being Stolen From

They are often very competent, clever, and persistent. Judging by the 70 million-plus credit card numbers they recently stole from Target, they can be quite ambitious, too.

They are the crooks and hackers who lift identities, clean out bank accounts, or simply empty wallets. And while everyone is on their radar screen, those with wealth stand out – not just for the size of their assets, but also for their vulnerability.

The good news is there is a lot you can do to protect yourself and your family. It won’t take that much time – most of the effort involves simple, common-sense steps – and the return on this investment, in terms of increased security and peace of mind, will be huge. To be sure, no protection plan is foolproof, so we’ll also discuss some tips to limit the damage should a breach occur.

The two biggest security threats that you face are close at hand: your personal computer and your household staff. The information that is stored on your laptop and other electronic devices often tell your entire financial life story, and it’s there for the taking. Meanwhile, many trusted employees are given access, asked to pay bills, handle bank accounts, and use credit cards on behalf of the families they serve.

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