For over 35 years, our firm has delivered independent, objective and comprehensive financial advice for wealthy families, and we continue to be a thought leader in the field.

Today, we have 120 employees serving 299 families, providing investment advice on over $9.8 billion (AUM), and advising on over $21 billion of assets (AUA), as of 3/31/2023.

Our mission is to help families make smart decisions about their wealth, giving them the freedom to focus on the lives they want to lead.

Our investment team develops custom tax-optimized portfolios for each of our clients. We focus on managing risk and identifying investment opportunities we believe will be compelling after taxes and after fees.

Our wealth planning team identifies opportunities and mitigates risks outside our clients’ investment portfolios. We are known for our sophisticated wealth planning strategies, “soft” skills, our suite of family office services, and our multi-generational client relationships.

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*Assets under management (AUM) are assets for which we provide continuous and regular advice, supervisory, or management services. Assets under advisement (AUA) includes all Assets under management, plus other assets for which we provide advice and implementation services. As of 3/31/2023.