What Makes Us Different


We work with families rather than institutional investors. As taxable investors, families face very different challenges than institutional and endowment investors.  (For some examples, read our sample Client Stories.)

Focus On Net Investment Returns

Our focus on taxable investors means that we evaluate investments on their after-tax returns. Our team builds diversified portfolios using a combination of low fee, tax-efficient investment vehicles and active managers when their after-tax returns justify their fees. We also add considerable value through tax-optimization of our clients’ portfolios.


Every family is different. Each has different objectives, balance sheets, tax situations, entity structures, and other needs. Optimizing investment results for each unique family requires building and managing customized solutions. Our investors are not herded into one-size-fits-all commingled funds, which dilute their flexibility and present hidden costs.  Read more about Our Services.

No Product Sales

We work only for our clients and we have structured our firm to minimize conflicts of interest. We do not sell insurance and investment products. We do not accept commission income or participate in the fees of investment managers to whom we refer business. We serve as our clients’ advocates in dealing with a broad range of wealth management issues. Read more in our White Paper, The Business of Wealth Management.


We are committed to the long-term independence of our firm. In 2011, our founder passed the leadership torch to the next generation of leaders at Ballentine, successfully executing a 10 year leadership succession plan. Today, our ownership includes 19 employee partners. Most of our client relationships are multi-generational, and our clients appreciate that we have a plan for how our firm will be there through these generations. We also help our clients provide for succession within their families by helping each generation acquire skills necessary for successful management of wealth.