What You Can Expect From Us

Helping You to Define Your Objectives

We work with you to articulate the goals that you find most meaningful, both in the short and long term. For instance, your near-term focus may be on gaining access to unique investment opportunities that complement your business, but your long-term priority may be passing wealth onto your children in a way that allows them to thrive. We address the short-term goal while making sure that our strategies promote the long-term goal as well.

We also examine the multiple wealth planning issues involved in your financial life to determine whether any of your articulated objectives compete with one another. Managing competing objectives is an essential part of the work we do.

Helping You Optimize Your Financial Situation

Our clients rely on us to help them with everything from achieving better investment returns to preparing their children to successfully manage inherited wealth. We know how to find untapped opportunities in even the most complex and highly managed financial situations and we focus on the interactions between the financial issues that affect you.

Helping Your Key Advisors Work as a Team

As a new client, you may come to us with highly competent attorneys, accountants, investment, and insurance professionals already engaged. Our mission is not to replace these other advisors, rather to help all the advisors working with you to work as a coordinated team to develop strategies aligned with your objectives.

Peace of Mind

Our ultimate goal is to create peace of mind for you by anticipating your needs, developing contingency plans to deal with uncertainty, keeping risk exposures within limits that are acceptable to you, minimizing taxes, and helping you to achieve overall financial objectives.