Family Consulting

People often hire us seeking alpha in their investment portfolio. We work hard to meet our client’s expectations in this way. Interestingly, we often hear from long-term clients that the most meaningful aspect of our work with them involved family, and specifically the guidance we provided that helped them avoid making the types of mistakes that families of wealth often make when raising their children. 

No parent wants to raise a child who is spoiled, ungrateful, or mercenary.  Unfortunately, when wealth is concerned, it takes work and intentionality on the part of parents to avoid that outcome. We are experts at helping parents understand these dynamics and know how to design their parenting behavior and wealth planning strategies to best set their children up for a self-motivated, grounded, productive, and content life. We’ve written a book on the topic and while that’s a good place to start, doing this well really comes down to each family, every day, in every parenting decision. We act as your partner throughout these critical years, from when children are just a future possibility to when they are struggling to live financially self-sufficiently in their first job. What’s more, we lean in to these conversations and bring these issues up in our relationship with you proactively and non-judgmentally.

For families sharing businesses, investment management, or philanthropic enterprises, we have extensive experience in helping multiple family members work productively to govern shared endeavors. We are adept at facilitating family meetings and helping families to discover and then align around shared goals.

In short, our team is attuned to the many and varied influences that wealth may have on parenting, child development, and family dynamics more broadly. Our goal is to help you to harness and control wealth as a positive force in your life and to act as your partner to structure plans and circumstances to best promote each family member’s well-being.