Impact Investing

For clients who are interested in aligning their investment portfolios with their values, we offer deep expertise in impact investing. We have offered impact investing solutions since 2007 and have the capability to implement a family’s entire investment program in impact offerings.

Our first step when a client is interested in this approach is to facilitate a deeply reflective set of discussions in order to help the client articulate their impact values, goals, and priorities. 

From there, we design a custom values-aligned portfolio that seeks to generate competitive financial returns while expressing the client’s priority impact themes.  As a result of our experience spanning more than a decade in the impact space, we have a deep network of contacts and are able to source interesting and unique impact opportunities across public and private markets.

Finally, we provide custom reporting that allows clients to see and assess the impact their investment is making in the areas they care about. We monitor and report on impact themes using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a framework.