One of the reasons our clients stick with us is that we help them set and achieve investment goals that are appropriate for their situation. The strong investment performance we have achieved for our clients is the result of our independent research, anticipating events rather than reacting, being early, and being patient.

In designing our investment program, we believe in the core fundamentals of a rigorous and disciplined asset allocation and investment selection process.

In addition, we consider more subtle dynamics, which can have an equally important impact on portfolio returns. Some of these include practicing patience (clients like ours are uniquely positioned to harvest time as an asset) and paying attention to the hidden costs that erode wealth, such as taxes and fees.

Our seasoned investment team has a global perspective. Our size and reputation provide investment opportunities that other firms may not see, and our client network (many of whom are investment professionals themselves) provides us with on-the ground market intelligence and access to undiscovered investment opportunities.

Our clients share a long-term, patient, and truly multigenerational approach to building and sustaining wealth.  They rely on us to challenge industry convention and to maintain a healthy skepticism toward the claims of an investment industry that all too often overpromises and under-delivers.

Our Investment Capabilities