Overview of Services

Our clients often lead complex financial lives that benefit from comprehensive, integrated, and objective
advice. We scale our services to meet our clients’ needs, whether it’s investment management and
planning for a young entrepreneur or a full suite of services for a multigenerational family, including
family meetings and education, philanthropic advising, and family office administration.

We see the first step in any client relationship as our helping you to define and articulate your goals, and
we then use these as critical inputs to all of our work that follows.

Who Are Our Clients?

If you looked under the hood of our client segments, you’d find all of the below. We bring the
capabilities of our full suite of services to each client relationship, but find that clients often prioritize
our work based on their circumstances.

Click on each client type below to see the Top 5 priorities areas in which they are seeking our help:


Top 5 Things Entrepreneurs Seek Our Help With

  1. Keep track of what I own/my cash need
  2. Plan for sale of my business
  3. Transfer value to my children
  4. Maximize my earnings through good investments
  5. Manage my risks
Corporate Executives

Top 5 Things Corporate Executives Seek Our Help With

  1. Maximize the value of my stock options/compensation plan
  2. Plan financially for when I stop work
  3. Maximize my earnings through good investments
  4. Transfer wealth to my children
  5. Manage my risks
Professional Investors

Top 5 Things Professional Investors Seek Our Help With

  1. I need someone who will help my family manage this if I’m not here
  2. Monitor value of everything I own
  3. Manage investments outside of my area of expertise
  4. Manage risks
  5. Transfer value to my children/prepare my children for what they’ll inherit
Single Family Offices

Top 5 Things Single Family Offices Seek Our Help With

  1. Bring us excellent investment ideas and strategy
  2. Take the family through a process to align around goals – for inheritance, communication about
    money, philanthropy, etc.
  3. Handle our administrative or reporting needs
  4. Manage our cash flow forecasting and planning
  5. Advise on HR/household staffing risks

Top 5 Things Inheritors Seek Our Help With

  1. Help me figure out what to do with this money
  2. Show me interesting impact investing ideas
  3. Teach me what I need to know to manage this money well
  4. Keep track of what I own and what it’s worth
  5. Manage all of this well for me so I can trust it’s being handled well and can focus on my own
    interests in life
Multi-Gen Families

Top 5 Things Multigenerational Families Seek Our Help With

  1. Bring us good ideas about how other families are handling all of this
  2. Grow our portfolio so it will last for future generations
  3. Transfer wealth to our children
  4. Manage all of the complexities of our estate plan, balance sheet, etc.
  5. Help us manage our shared family property, business, philanthropy, etc.
Cross-Border Wealth

Top 5 Things Cross-Border Wealth Clients Seek Our Help With

  1. Make sure I stay compliant with tax and regulatory authorities
  2. Manage the tax and investment complexities of my situation
  3. Bring me good planning ideas that uniquely work for me
  4. Manage my risks
  5. Coordinate all of my other advisors
Successful Professionals

Top 5 Things Successful Professionals Seek Our Help With

  1. Plan financially for when I plan to stop working
  2. Maximize my earnings through good investments
  3. Manage my risks
  4. Keep track of everything I own and stay on top of the financial details in my life
  5. Transfer wealth to my children

Ballentine Partners, LLC does not serve as an attorney, accountant, or insurance agent. Ballentine Partners, LLC does not prepare estate planning documents or tax returns, nor does it sell insurance products.