Wealth Planning

Strategic Wealth Management

Most families never experience the benefits of Strategic Wealth Management. Instead, they experience wealth management as a series of disjointed transactions that are mostly designed either to pursue investment returns or to reduce estate taxes. When we take on a new family relationship, we frequently find that the family has no wealth management strategy.

At Ballentine Partners, we practice Strategic Wealth Management, a rigorous process designed to help your family develop a written statement of your family’s wealth management objectives, incorporating a multi-generational perspective and through teamwork with your other professional advisors. We then follow up regularly to measure how your family is progressing toward its goals.

When you become a client, one of our client advisors becomes your family’s wealth strategist and serves as your family’s primary contact with the rest of our team. Our client advisors are highly credentialed and experienced professionals – not “relationship managers” who are sales people in disguise. Your client advisor also facilitates teamwork among your various specialty advisors.

Our proprietary process frequently allows us to identify problems and find untapped opportunities that have been overlooked by others, and we are skilled at the process of converting our recommendations into reality.  Often, difficult technical issues arise during implementation. For example, it may be necessary to rearrange the ownership of existing assets as part of an estate planning project. Changing the ownership of assets raises a number of investment, income tax, gift tax, and estate tax issues that must be resolved. We are able to take charge of this process and work with your other advisors to make sure that all of the technical issues that arise are resolved in a way that is consistent with your values and objectives.

Our Wealth Planning Capabilities