Aged Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

There is much about aging that we can’t control,
but there is much more that we can.

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About the Author

Wealth advisor Coventry Edwards-Pitt applies the success-story format of her highly acclaimed first book, Raised Healthy, Wealthy & Wise (2014), to one of today’s most pressing issues: how to age well—given our increased longevity—and ensure that our later years have a positive rather than negative impact on our families.

The stories and research in Aged Healthy, Wealthy & Wise will inspire
you to take the actions in your own life that will set you on a course
not only to age well yourself but also to help ensure that your family
experiences your later years not as a burden, but as a gift.

Praise for Aged Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

As our work—and our profession—faces the conundrum of aging, this book provides insights into how to thrive to the end, with wisdom taken from the ultimate experts: the people who are actually doing it in real life.
Bob Veres, editor of Inside Information

I’ve seen firsthand how Covie’s first book has transformed families. having just finished Aged Healthy, Wealthy & Wise, I have no doubt that it will do the same. This is an incredibly important topic, and Covie tackles the issue of aging from the perspective of vibrant older individuals whom all of us, not just those at the later end of life, can learn from. She incorporates stories and helpful tools throughout the book for the reader to use as a guide to help live a vibrant later life and also incorporates valuable information for the family members supporting them. A must-read for all of us at any age!
Mariann Mihailidis, Managing Director of The Family Office Exchange

As I approach my 75th birthday, I have pondered what Erik Erikson meant about the 8th stage of life as Integrity. Covie’s book is a gift that answers my question. It has given me a path and way to live integrally. Thank you, Covie.
James (Jay) Hughes, Jr., author of Family Wealth, Keeping it in the Family, and Family: The Compact Among Generations; co-author of The Cycle of the GiftThe Voice of the Rising Generation, and Family Trusts

Just as she did with her first book, Covie takes a positive approach to a topic often riddled with doom and gloom. Read Aged Healthy, Wealthy & Wise, and you may actually look forward to your older years as a time of proactive agency and honest self-reflection.
Ryan Ansin, Revolutionary Farms and President of The Family Office Association

Drawing on her many years of professional experience, Covie
interviews vibrant elders and brings to life the daily choices they
are making that allow them to live content, engaged, and
purposeful later lives and design legacies of meaning.

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right? And how? Readers will find that these voices speak with
a clarity that will inspire those faced with these challenges
to take the steps necessary toward health and happiness.

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