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Understanding our Human Approach to Managing Wealth

We strive to develop a deep understanding of our clients. We serve as a partner to our clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of each family's situation and goals across accounts and entities, across assets and liabilities, and across individuals and generations. This understanding forms the foundation of our client relationships and allows us to meet our clients where they are.

Our approach focuses on the human impact of each financial strategy and seeks to maximize not just wealth but also well-being. Our highly credentialed and experienced wealth advisors work with our clients to structure engagements focused on what is meaningful to them; over the course of a wealth-building journey with us, the range of services clients want from us tends to evolve.

When you become a client, one of our senior advisors becomes your family’s wealth strategist and works with you to customize and scale our Wealth Advisory Capabilities to fit your needs. We strive to ensure that your financial plan is optimally structured, well-communicated, and effectively managed.

Wealth management can become complicated, and our goal is to relieve our clients of dealing with complexity. Through our management of the connection points between complex issues we are often able to find solutions that will drive successful outcomes. We work with you and your other professional advisors to identify opportunities, uncover potential risks, and help make strategic and goal-aligned decisions around your wealth plan.

Partnering with Single Family Offices

The breadth of our services can provide single family offices with much-needed specialist resources to augment their own expertise. From succession planning and human resources to governance and operations, Ballentine helps family offices operate effectively and efficiently as priorities, technology, and regulations evolve.

Family offices work with us to expand the scope of their asset management functions and improve the diversification of portfolios - from impact investing to tax-aware equity strategies and private markets. We help enhance the management and succession of family businesses and ensures the next generation is responsible stewards of wealth.

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