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At its core, investing is an endorsement of the future.

We are committed to building and preserving durable wealth for our clients, often across generations. As with all of our client relationships, we begin with a detailed and holistic discovery process. This process allows us to construct portfolios aligned with each client's unique criteria for success, risk appetite, and values. While we strive to gauge client success by client satisfaction and not simply by investment returns, we understand that prudent, patient, and highly disciplined investment management is a key driver of that broader satisfaction.

For clients who are interested in aligning their investment portfolios with their values, we offer nearly two decades of experience in impact investing. We have offered impact investing solutions since 2007 and have the capability to implement a family’s entire investment program in impact offerings.

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Prudent and Patient Portfolios

Whether we manage your full portfolio or a particular allocation, our approach integrates a long-term future-focused perspective. Our portfolio offerings strive to be a source of wealth enhancing returns, with a focus on tax alpha. Opportunities – and risks – can emerge quickly, but sometimes today’s “hot new thing” is tomorrow’s forgotten idea. Our team’s experience across markets, rate environments, and geographies helps us to know the difference.

Equities are managed with a goal of performance, persistency, and style consistency. We manage portfolios with a keen eye on taxes so that you get to keep the returns you generate.

Fixed income portfolios can be opportunistic to benefit from specific price/yield dislocations or broadly diversified to reduce rate and credit risks. Municipal bond allocations utilize separate accounts and state-specific allocations to fully realize tax benefits.

Private investments are an important source of long-term returns. We access world-class managers in private equity, private credit, real estate, and infrastructure.

Independent and Aligned

A bedrock principle of our investment approach – and indeed our firm – is our independence. We remain as committed to it today as we were at our founding 40 years ago. This independence manifests itself across our investment process – from how we select managers to how we invest. The degree to which active management is utilized, and illiquidity premiums accessed, is aligned with client benefit, not firm revenue. Investment fees are a drag on performance. Before advising our clients to incur investment management fees, we carefully determine whether or not the client is likely to be better off with an actively managed investment than another investment with lower fees. Our firm receives no commission income or other compensation based on our choice of investments. We focus on providing clients with portfolios aligned with their interests and success criteria.

Depth of Experience

Private Investing

Private Investing

We access managers in private equity, private credit, real estate, and infrastructure. Our team delivers experienced guidance, diverse investment options, and a focus on optimizing returns in the non-public sphere.


What if you could use your wealth to create the world you want to see? We view it as our role to help you imagine and articulate the answer to that question – to paint a picture of the impact you want to achieve – and then bring the resources to bear necessary to make it happen. By investing in impact funds, you have the opportunity to support the growth of industries and technologies that are working to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Public Investing

We offer a comprehensive suite of public investing services, including equity, fixed income, and asset allocation strategies. Our investment advisors work closely with our clients to understand their specific goals and risk tolerance, and create customized investment portfolios that meet their unique needs. Our approach to public investing is based on a thorough understanding of market conditions and trends, and a commitment to rigorous research and analysis.

OCIO Services

Our approach to outsourced OCIO services is based on a deep understanding of the investment landscape and a commitment to research and analysis. We can help you access the expertise you need to get the most out of your portfolios. Our services cover a wide range of areas, including portfolio management, investment strategy, risk management, and compliance. We will provide you with regular reporting and communication to keep you informed and up-to-date on the performance of your investments.

Our Investment Team

Our seasoned investment team has a global perspective. Our size and reputation provide investment opportunities that other firms may not see, and our client network (many of whom are investment professionals themselves) provides us with on-the ground market intelligence and access to undiscovered investment opportunities.
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