A number of our clients are serial entrepreneurs or deeply involved in venture capital. Both of these career paths come  with  numerous  demands  as  well  as  many  opportunities  and  risks  associated  with  tax  planning.  Without expertise  and  experience  in  tackling  these  complex  tax  issues,  how  can  you  be  sure  you  are  making  the  right choices for your business and your finances?


Our clients are highly capable people, but they often do not have deep tax expertise or time to develop it. Through  our  decades  of  work  in  wealth management,  we  are  familiar  with  the  issues  facing entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

We have helped improve after tax outcomes by:

  • Negotiating  employment  agreements,  including stock compensation plans
  • Managing  stock  options,  including  dealing  with early exercise  of  founder  options  and  related  83 (b) filings
  • Ensuring  maximum  application  of  qualified small business stock exclusions
  • Using  incomplete  non-grantor  trusts  to create state tax savings

We have helped clients focus on their strengths by:

  • Managing cash flow, including commitments  to privately-held companies and VC funds
  • Coordinating GRAT administration and annuity payments
  • Providing income tax and wealth transfer advice
  • Managing diversified investment portfolios


Even  highly-competent   and successful   executives may  not be  able  to navigate  these  complex  issues and opportunities,  nor do they  generally  want to devote the time required to become expert in tax law and tax planning  alternatives. Through  their dedicated   team,  they  have  access  to a wealth  of knowledge and experience dealing with intricate and elaborate tax scenarios.   Knowing their taxes are optimized,  these clients can focus their  energy on what they are passionate about.



Disclosure Information:

This story was written by Ballentine Partners. It is not a testimonial or endorsement. While this story is based on a real client situation, we have altered some of the details to protect confidential information. No portion of this story should be construed as a guarantee that any other person will experience a certain level of results or satisfaction if Ballentine Partners is engaged, or continues to be engaged, to provide services.