Coventry Edwards-Pitt, Ballentine Partners’ Chief Wealth Advisory Officer, talks about passing money lessons onto children in The Wall Street Journal article, “The Holiday Opening for Family Discussions: You Can Talk About Family Finances Without Ruining Dinner.”

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Covie is a Partner and the Chief Wealth Advisory Officer at the firm.  In her role, Covie is responsible for thought leadership for the firm, including the development and management of the firm’s family education, family governance, and philanthropic offerings.  Covie also leads several of the firm’s large family client engagements and manages all aspects of her clients’ financial affairs, including their investment portfolios, tax and estate planning, insurance needs, philanthropic planning, and liquidity planning.  Covie specializes in helping her clients to manage the impact of their wealth and ensure that their comprehensive wealth management strategy reflects their families’ values and goals.

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