Investment Advisor Jake Northrup, CFP®, was featured in an article by TheStreet on how to plan for a mini-retirement without derailing your financial plan. In the piece, “How to Take a Mini-Retirement Without Delaying Your Full Retirement,” Jake discussed techniques to use to both protect your retirement savings and optimize your tax savings.

In addition to “making it easier to resist the urge to spend your retirement savings early, opening separate accounts also allows you to maximize your tax savings according to Northrup.” – Taylor Nicole Rogers, TheStreet

Jake is an Investment Advisor and part of the high net worth team that caters to clients with $3 million or more investment assets. He works directly with clients on all aspects of their financial affairs including investment, tax, estate, retirement, college, business and debt planning. Prior to joining the firm, he worked at Colman Knight Advisory Group where he conducted investment research and provided financial planning services to high net worth clients. Earlier in his career, Jake held positions in the finance department at Raytheon and the investment operations department at State Street. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and a 2018 CFA Level III Candidate. He is actively involved in the financial planning community as a member of the NexGen committee for the Massachusetts Financial Planning Association where he helps plan and organize events targeted to NexGen financial planners.

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