Senior Client Advisor Leah M. Warren, CFP®, is speaking at the 2019 Gearing Up conference tomorrow at Bentley University’s Center for Women and Business. She will be leading the session “Mastering Your Money: Becoming Finance Savvy”, teaching students critical personal finance skills and lessons though an interactive workshop. These foundational skills of goal setting, measuring progress, and long-term planning for the future will benefit participants in their personal lives and their careers.

Leah is a Senior Client Advisor at the firm. She is passionate about helping clients succeed in all parts of their financial lives, and is particularly interested in helping couples and families have healthy and fun dialogue about money and values. Prior to joining Ballentine in 2013, Leah worked as an Operations and Client Service Associate at Daintree Advisors, working with high net-worth families and supporting a wide array of business operations. Prior to that, Leah was a Financial Planner at Lantern Financial, a planning firm working with young professionals and couples. Learn more about Leah Warren.