Sheila Lawrence, MALD, CFP®, CAP®, has been appointed to the Boston board of SCS Noonan Scholars where she will continue to increase the value and meaning of the program. In her work, Sheila is passionate about helping clients define and achieve their goals, guiding families in fully aligning their financial management with their values. She applies this passion for helping others to her work as a mentor for SCS Noonan Scholars and as a mentor to students. Sheila began volunteering with SCS Noonan Scholars in 2017 and has spoken and given workshops at their events. Furthermore, she is an advocate of their program, inspiring eight of her Ballentine Partners colleagues to join her as mentors for the program.

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About SCS Noonan Scholars

Founded in 2001, and originating in the Los Angeles area, SCS Noonan Scholars helps high-achieving low-income underrepresented students get into and graduate from top colleges equipped to achieve their full career potential. In 2014 the program was replicated in Boston, and continues to support the top low-income students of color with the same model of service that has defined their success in Los Angeles.  SCS Noonan Scholars is now gearing up to take the program national after many years of success in L.A. and Boston.

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