Sheila Lawrence, MALD, CFP®, will speak at Noonan Scholars’ Summer Academy August 9 on their panel “Finding Career Fit”, enlightening students about her personal experience of carving her own path and discovering the right field for her.  She will also review what students can do to find the best career fit for themselves.

Ballentine Partners has hosted Noonan Scholars at their Waltham headquarters to learn more about working together through volunteering. As a result, Sheila is now guiding three colleagues as they prepare to mentor Noonan Scholars’ students.

Noonan Scholars is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping students of color who are high-achieving and from low income households get into quality colleges and universities and graduate ready for the start of their careers. Their Summer Academy helps high school upperclassmen prepare for the coursework of a rigorous college degree program, held on a college campus and taught by college professors.

Sheila is a Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor at the firm.  A significant portion of Sheila’s practice involves estate planning, wealth transfer and investment management with a particular focus on financial education and coaching for the rising generation.  Sheila works closely with each member of a family to ensure continuation of money values from one generation to the next. Learn more about Sheila Lawrence.