On December 4, 2016, our Chief Wealth Advisory Officer, Coventry Edwards-Pitt, CFA, CFP®, spoke at Harvard Business School’s Finance Conference, sharing her insights on gender, diversity, and the realities of the finance industry.  She was joined by other exceptional professional women as a part of the panel “Women in Finance – What It Means To Be a Woman in Finance in 2016.”

The conference theme was “The Future of Finance” which explored current trends in financial markets and how financial institutions are adapting to technological advancements and changing global political dynamics.  As part of this theme, the Conference hosted a diverse mix of panels with topics that included the current state of capitalism, global economic policy, finance as a source of social good, and financing emerging technologies and brought together talented students, faculty, as well as industry professionals from boutique and bulge bracket banks, investment firms, companies, and political think tanks. Read more about the event here.

Covie is a Partner and the Chief Wealth Advisory Officer at the firm.  In her role, Covie is responsible for thought leadership for the firm, including the development and management of the firm’s family education, family governance, and philanthropic offerings.  Covie also leads several of the firm’s large family client engagements and manages all aspects of her clients’ financial affairs, including their investment portfolios, tax and estate planning, insurance needs, philanthropic planning, and liquidity planning.  Covie specializes in helping her clients to manage the impact of their wealth and ensure that their comprehensive wealth management strategy reflects their families’ values and goals.  Learn more about Coventry Edwards-Pitt.

At a certain level of wealth, money makes parenting harder, not easier. Raised Healthy, Wealthy & Wise breaks new ground in the field of raising children amid wealth by hearing from the success stories: real-life children raised with wealth now grown into happy, healthy, and productive adults. Nationally recognized wealth advisor Coventry Edwards-Pitt draws on her many years of professional experience to interview successful heirs and uncover what works—and what doesn’t—in raising wealthy children to lead fulfilling and productive lives. Read more about her book, Raised Healthy, Wealthy & Wise: Lessons from successful and grounded inheritors on how they got that way.

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