Tom is a Partner Emeritus at the firm.

Prior to joining the firm in 2007, Tom worked for seven years as a Portfolio Manager and Investment Advisor for the Bank of New York (which acquired his employer Beacon Fiduciary Advisors). Prior to that, Tom worked for Adams, Harkness & Hill where he was a member of the Investment Management Division and a Portfolio Manager from 1996-2000. During his career in the investment business, Tom has focused on providing asset allocation advice and financial planning services for high net worth clients, managing investment portfolios, arranging private placements, and marketing a proprietary hedge fund to accredited investors. After graduating from college, Tom developed his financial skills during the first seventeen years of his career while working in a variety of corporate lending and management roles at Bank of Boston. He has been quoted in Wall Street Journal online and Financial Planning Magazine.

Tom graduated from Kenyon College. HeĀ and his wife Judy live in Boston and have three grown children and two grandsons. He enjoys his in-laws and most outdoor activities.