Many wealthy families hire help, be it a personal assistant, estate manager, or nanny, to name a few. While having assistance can be a blessing, it also brings complexities that can seem overwhelming. Without the proper education and direction, some may be left in unhappy situations, feeling they created rather than eliminated headaches.


Several clients have turned to us for guidance on their human resources needs. By being an information resource, providing targeted support, and teaching human resources skills, we have helped clients navigate some difficult and complex situations.

  • Hiring: Crafted job descriptions, conducted candidate searches and background checks, and helped clients through the development of procedures to streamline future hiring efforts.
  • Employee relations: Created handbooks for onboarding new employees and evaluations for regular performance reviews. Coached clients on how to handle performance issues and dismiss an employee with proper documentation.
  • Legal: Organized the launch of new payroll solutions, including a formal system for tracking employee timecards that allowed an estate manager to spend more time on estate matters. Managed necessary timesheet, tax, and deduction information in collaboration with clients.
  • Benefits: Helped clients determine what benefit package to offer staff and find the right providers and plans. Set up multiple medical, dental, and retirement plan options that added significant value to staff. Limited the work required of family members by taking over plan administration, including open enrollments and rate negotiations.


Through our work together, clients were able to build skills, improve practices, and shift responsibility for certain tasks to advisors. They now feel confident about the management of their employees, no longer have the stress of not knowing where to turn, and have more time to focus on the things they care about the most.


Disclosure Information:

This story was written by Ballentine Partners. It is not a testimonial or endorsement. While this story is based on a real client situation, we have altered some of the details to protect confidential information. No portion of this story should be construed as a guarantee that any other person will experience a certain level of       results or satisfaction if Ballentine Partners is engaged, or continues to be engaged, to provide services.